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We care for the unique challenges men face today, and help you find the courage, clarity and tools to become the man you aspire to be. Grow beyond your limits and reclaim the life you want.

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Re-designing men’s coaching through AI.

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You don't need a crisis to gain a third-eye perspective.

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No Judgement

Our AI doesn't judge, and we protect your data from third-party usage.



Enjoy weekly coaching without the

stress of single-session costs.

Men’s coaching & psychology.

Our coaching programs are designed to address the unique challenges men face in today’s world, providing the tools and support to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.

Our sessions explore identity, purpose, and emotional wellbeing, helping you to better understand yourself and overcome internal and external obstacles.

Get real with

pattern recognition.

Our AI-coach uses advanced technology with scientific advantages to analyze patterns you may not be aware of.

We do this to broaden your awareness of underlying emotions or core beliefs that hinder you from achieving the feelings, experiences and relationships you desire in your life.

Relationship coaching at home.

We believe humans are wired for connection. That’s why our AI-coach focuses on strengthening human connections.

No matter your relationship status, we explore the patterns, emotions, and core beliefs affecting your relationships.

We also support couples, helping you understand your dynamic and work towards a stronger relationship.

Creating a digital vertical for men’s coaching

We are creating a digital vertical specializing in men’s coaching and psychology. Our AI-coach is dedicated to supporting men throughout life, from personal coaching to relationships and into fatherhood.

Personal coaching

Specialized in men’s psychology.

Couple’s coaching

Designed for male engagement.

Parental coaching

Fatherhood as a rite of passage.

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Get in Touch.

Soil Health is currently incubated at the Danish Technical University (DTU), with plans to launch by 2025.

While we're still in the process of developing our solution for market availability, we're eager to connect with potential users and collaborators. If you're interested in exploring opportunities with us, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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